CVG Technical Diagrams

CVG Location on Wing

This diagram illustrates CVG placement behind the slat on the wing of a B737 wing. The CVG is applied as a elastomeric adhesive backed film that is self registering to the wing location.


Streamline Flow

Streamline flow over the CVG rear face. The CVG forms a vortex that interacts with the upper flow and results in suction.


Lift / Drag Chart

The measured effect on Lift/Drag by Calvert & Wong of the U.S.Army Redstone Arsenal, as modelled on a transonic section of a UH-60 Blackhawk rotor blade. There is a severe reduction in L/D for a very small step condition.


Coefficient of Drag with CVG

Effect of the addition of a CVG to the Coefficient of Drag on a wing with a slat in transonic flight.


Performance Change Diagram

Performance change comparison on a Boeing 737 with & without CVG.

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