CVG Technical Videos

CVG Vortex Simulation

Video of a cross section of a flow over a CVG on a flat plate, at low speeds 60m/sec. This shows turbulent flow over the front of the section, to the lower left, and a restructuring of the flow as it crosses the CVG into a series of coherent vortices that are stabilised by the upper boundary layer interaction. The vortices are effectively trapped in the sub boundary layer which is now hybrid. This image shows extended persistence of the structure.


Vorticity CVG Comparison

Video of the standard wing section with a slat at Mach 0.78, and an Angle of Attack of 0.77 degrees, showing vorticity in the flow. The video with CVG is of the same section, with the CVG applied behind the slat step. The shockwave is observed in both of these cases, and is consistent with the in flight imaging of the shockwave on the B737 wing at Mach 0.78.


Velocity CVG Comparison

Video of the wing with a slat only, and of the wing with a slat, and with a CVG applied, considering velocity. The stability of the shockwave, as well as the stability of the pressure across the wing is shown.


Pressure Comparison

Video of the pressure distribution on the wing section.

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