Erosion Protection

Wind Turbines lose roughly 1.5% efficiency every year through erosion. Usage of available erosion protection tape further diminishes performance by an average of 6%. Although Erosion protection products reduce blade replacement costs by extending the life of the blades, operator maintenance costs will actually increase due to the limited life of the tape. Existing materials cannot survive long in rain impact and require constant maintenance and replacement materials. This increased maintenance results in lost revenue/energy due to the inactivity of the blades.

The Conformal Vortex Generator (CVG) in development by the R&D team at Edge Aerodynamix uses a new material that is being tested on their T-28B aircraft specifically for a helicopter blade STC. This material has been proven to survive rain impact without any damage to the tape. Not only will the CVG reduce maintenance costs, it will also minimize performance loss, vibration, and contamination of blades.

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