Edge Aerodynamix to Begin Research Project with OSU

August 20, 2015

Edge Aerodynamix to Begin Research Project with OSU



Panama City, Florida research & development company, Edge Aerodynamix, conducted a performance test flight to Stillwater, Oklahoma in their Boeing 737 aircraft on Friday August 14th. The flight provided Edge’s research team with valuable data, and also allowed them to discuss collaborating with Oklahoma State University. Edge Aerodynamix will be facilitating research opportunities for OSU graduate students. Edge intern and aerospace engineering graduate student, Geoff Kibble set up a meeting between Edge and OSU’s aerospace engineering department to discuss research efforts that graduate students could carry out over the course of the year.


OSU has state of the art facilities as well as exceptional students and faculty. The University is an ideal partner for Edge to join with. This symbiotic relationship benefits both Edge Aerodynamix and the graduate students taking part in the research projects. OSU students will benefit from the hands on experience working with innovative technology and performing aerodynamic studies. Edge will benefit by having access to the ultramodern facilities, as well as the intellectual acumen of the students and faculty.




Edge is currently producing a product that modifies airflow in the lower boundary layer of an airfoil. Detailed visualization of the airflow can be difficult but must be obtained at various speeds to produce meaningful data. Edge is constantly looking for ways to improve efficiencies and to provide customers with the best performance enhancing products. Edge is currently working toward obtaining an FAA issued supplemental type certificate (STC), for the Boeing 737. Once the STC has been issued, Edge will be able to take their patent pending technology to market.



OSU is home to multiple award winning faculty members such as Dr. Jamey Jacob, who is one of the professors working closely with Edge Aerodynamix. The University also houses a large wind tunnel facility and various specialized flow chambers. Oklahoma State University is dedicated to being at the forefront of aeronautical and aerospace innovation. This collaboration will provide aerospace engineering graduate students the opportunity to conduct thesis level wind tunnel research regarding a technology that could change the aviation industry forever.

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