SLAT CVG STC to Expand Types

April 3, 2017

SLAT CVG STC to Expand Types


Edge Aerodynamix commences expansion of the B737 Slat CVG STC to other Part 25 aircraft. 


The company has established the Project Specific Certification Plan, PSCP, to expand the types of aircraft that the Slat CVG STC will be applicable to. This plan will result in an expansion of the models covered by the STC by Approved Model List, AML. It is expected that this process will result in a rapid addition of the rest of the Airbus and Boeing fleet, as well as other aircraft that incorporate Slats.


The Slat CVG, or Slat Conformal Vortex Generator is an aerodynamic device that mitigates the flow disruption occurring in the wake of the slat that otherwise develops a span wise vortex structure which is unsteady over time, and sheds periodically causing disruption to the boundary layer and the shockwave. The CVG device alters the span wise vortex, disrupts it into a turbulent flow, and then processes that.

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