Lear Jet Provides Data for Edge Aerodynamix

April 14, 2014

Learjet Provides Promising Data for Edge Aerodynamix




Having dedicated a number of years to conformal vortex generating technology on helicopter rotor blades, Peter Ireland, CEO of Edge Aerodynamix, decided to test his invention on a jet aircraft. In March 2014, Edge purchased and began testing on their Learjet. This variant of Learjet is ideal for testing due to its wing shape, range of speeds, and lack of traditional vortex generators on the wings.


After numerous test flights on Edge’s Learjet, the company realized that their Conformal Vortex Generators had the potential to change the aviation industry by significantly reducing fuel usage. If these fuel savings can be applied across all transport category aircraft, not only will the industry benefit from the reduced fuel consumption, but the environment will benefit from the reduction in CO2 emissions.


To determine if these fuel savings can be demonstrated throughout the industry, Edge will need to test their Conformal Vortex Generators on a variety of aircraft. Edge hopes to test their technology on the wings of several commercial aircraft later this year.

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