Edge Aerodynamix Purchase a Boeing 737-500

May 30, 2014

Edge Aerodynamix’s latest acquisition, a Boeing 737-500, arrives at Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport in Panama City. On April 25th, 2014 Edge purchased the aircraft in London from aircraft interior specialists, European Aviation Limited. Edge’s very own Boeing 737, was manufactured in 1991 and purchased by Braathens Airlines for commercial use. European Aviation Limited purchased the B737 in 2010, converted it into a luxury, executive style aircraft and then placed it back on the market for sale.

After successful tests conducted on the company’s Learjet, Edge decided the technology could provide similar benefits for commercial aircraft. Edge chose a Boeing 737 due to the vast numbers of this aircraft type currently in use. The Boeing is currently being used for test evaluation of patented conformal vortex generating technology. Edge often flies their B737 numerous times each month to compare flight data with and without their product installed on the wings. These test flights help determine the optimal configuration and location to install the product. For testing purposes, Edge has installed extensive instrumentation in the aircraft that records data for analysis both during and post flight.

The largest of all of Edge’s airplanes, the B737, is essential to their business as it allows the company to test their products on one of the aircraft types they plan to modify. By owning a B737, the company has been able to gather data and prove the benefits their product provides to commercial aircraft. Once the company has made an impact on the airline industry through improving the performance of B737’s around the world, Edge will look to expand their business by implementing their product on other aircraft types.

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