Boeing 737 - STC & EASA Approved

For the operators of the Boeing 737, Edge offers Conformal Vortex Generators (CVGs) that are applied behind the leading edge slat on the wing. The CVG’s restructure the flow of air over the wing, creating a highly stable layer of vortices that increase the amount of attached flow.

The Conformal Vortex Generator (CVG) in development by the R&D team at Edge Aerodynamix uses a new material that is being tested on their T-28B aircraft specifically for a helicopter blade STC. This material has been proven to survive rain impact without any damage to the tape. This technology increases annual wind turbine energy production, provides protection from erosion and impacts, reduces drag caused by leading edge erosion, reduces vibrations, and increases gearbox life. The CVG material provides structural protection of the blades, protecting against blade tip erosion from icing, storms, and contaminants such as salt while also repairing damage from turbine blade erosion and restores performance.

Our product reduces the amount of drag the aircraft experiences and as a result: the aircraft will exhibit better performance, save fuel, and reduce carbon emissions.



Airbus - A320

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