Peter Ireland, Founder
Edge Aerodynamix founded in 2011


Peter Ireland- Captain, Certification Test Pilot, Masters in Aviation Management and IRCA Auditor.

Peter has over 37 years of aviation experience in the military and civilian sectors. He was trained as a Pilot and Safety Officer in the New Zealand Airforce and Royal Australian Airforce. He holds a Masters of Aviation Management. His civil experience includes various flight and safety positions while employed by Qantas, KAL, Aurora Airlines, and others.

At present he remains qualified on the B777, B767, B757, B737, Learjet, and various rotorcraft and light twin aircraft. He has over 23,000 hours in military and civil operations. Peter’s extensive aviation experience and education led him to invent the technology that is the basis for Edge Aerodynamix.

Peter has developed the technology over the past 20+ years through experimentation, observation, and research.



Company Overview

Edge Aerodynamix first started testing its conformal vortex technology on helicopter rotor blades. The idea was to create an erosion protection elastomeric adhesive backed film that did not reduce the overall performance of the aircraft. With conformal vortex generators, (CVGs) applied to the blade, the performance of the helicopter improved significantly. The pilot was able to reduce the power required for particular maneuvers and still receive the same level of performance. The overall safety margin was noticeably increased.

With the results achieved on the rotor blades, Edge saw an opportunity to improve the performance of all types of aircraft. In 2014, Edge purchased its first commercial airliner, a Boeing 737, and began testing. After analyzing millions of data points, Edge concluded that their product could provide benefits to the entire aviation industry.



The Opportunity



This industry is significantly impacted by fuel costs which have steadily increased. As one of the leading consumers of fuel, the industry is now faced with the additional burden of emission controls. CO2 emissions will result in a direct financial penalty. According to EU (EuroControl) data, the CO2 emissions attributed to the current generation of jet transports is approximately 3.1 tons of CO2 per ton of fuel consumed. Edge Aerodynamix provides a solution that substantially decreases fuel burn thus eliminating 3.1 tons of CO2 emissions for every ton of jet fuel saved.



One of the biggest concerns facing the rotorcraft industry is the on-going stress being applied to the leading edge of the rotary blade. The cost associated with leading edge erosion and corrosion is significant. On-going maintenance is required to keep the blade in good condition. Performance and safety loss are direct penalties if the blade is not well maintained. The existing market solution is a tape that may reduce aircraft maintenance costs; however, aircraft performance and safety continue to suffer due to the disruption in the boundary layer that the tape’s linear edge causes. Edge Aerodynamix provides a solution that will protect the leading edge, reduce maintenance costs, and improve both performance and safety margins.



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