What We Do


To reduce fuel costs, Edge Aerodynamix has developed a conformal vortex generator made from elastomeric adhesive backed film. The film produces a passive modified laminar flow control effect generating extensive vortices in the lower boundary layer.


Edge intends to offer aircraft operators an FAA approved product that improves performance and achieves fuel burn reductions. Edge plans to expand this product line to include all category aircraft. With Edge Aerodynamix CVG technologies, the industry will realize substantial fuel savings without making major modifications to the aircraft.


Performance enhancement

Improved operational safety margins Reduced fuel burn

Reduced CO2 emissions

Erosion protection

Reduced maintenance costs


Average 2 year life

Applied manually to each wing

Quick and easy to install 

The Vortices

Reduce shockwave-induced vibration

Increase attached free stream flow

Suction the boundary layer 

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